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Nano-PrinTag PLUS
Fully automatic screen printing in an affordable form!

Nano-PrinTex features

  •  Up to 6 colours, 2 flash units, 10 pallets
  •  No Pnuematics, meaning no compressor required
  •  Print area up to 35cm X 38cm
  •  Ownership from R550k

What makes the Printag Plus Special

  •  Most cost effective full auto machine on the market
  •  No complicated and noisy pnuematics
  •  Print fast and efficiently from beginner to pro
  •  Independent speed controller for exact squeegee and flood bar travel
  •  Comes with screen positive registration system
  •  Smooth motorized print head movement
  •  Pallets always stop mechanically in the same position for exact registration
     on every print head
  •  Energy efficient, low running cost, increased profit

Technical data

Print heads 3 - 6 colours
Pallets* 8 - 10 pallets
Max pallet size 381 x 508 mm
Max frame size 457 x 635 mm
Max print area 350 x 380 mm
Total machine height 220 - 230 cm
Machine diameter 2.7 - 3.4 m
Total weight (without flash curing)

710 - 1043 kg


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