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Screen Chemicals
NSDS produces a small range of quality products for screen preparation and restoration. These include mesh degreaser, screen filler, and screen reclaiming products.


Mesh Degreaser


The non-caustic formulation makes it safe to use and it also will not cause degradation of the mesh itself. Used on new or reclaimed screens, NSDS Mesh Degreaser provides perfectly prepared screens for the best results when coating and exposing screens.

Easily applied with brush. Suitable for a wide range of mesh counts, non-abrasive.


Screen Filler
NSDS Aquafill is a cost effective option for filling of pinholes or retouching
of exposed screens.

Water soluble screen blockout and retouching filler for use with solvent based and UV curing inks. Medium viscosity gives excellent coating characteristics. Blue colour.

Easily applied with coating trough, card or brush. Suitable for a wide range of mesh counts, with minimal 'drip through'.


Screen Stripper


Screenstrip is a water soluble crystal for the removal of all photosensitized emulsions, while Screenstrip GEL is a ready-to-use product in gel form.

NSDS DeCoat Liquid
A ready-to-use liquid to remove emulsion from screens.

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